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💰🏠 How Much Cash Will They Offer for My House?

As a real estate professional, I am often asked about We Buy Houses companies and whether or not they are scams. While I cannot speak for all companies, I can share that the process of how a We Buy Houses company works in Alabama is relatively straightforward. First, an interested home seller contacts the cash … Continued

Single-Family Housing Demand Creates Shortages

Are you looking for help to stop foreclosure now? Prestige Properties LLC can help you to close quickly and move on from your property. We understand the difficult situation in which you have found yourself and are here to help make it easier. Whether you want to get rid of the property or prevent foreclosure, … Continued

What Is Foreclosure?

Foreclosure is when the bank or mortgage lender takes possession of property that is in default, often against the homeowner’s will. Your mortgage agreement states that if you stop making payments on your loan, the bank can reclaim the property through foreclosure. Depending on your state, the foreclosure process can be judicial or non-judicial. Some … Continued

House Hacking Could be the Way to Afford a New Home

As we continue to watch home prices rise across the country, more home buyers wonder how they will ever be able to afford a house. House hacking could be the right move for you and has several benefits you may not have even considered! What is House Hacking?In real estate, the term “house hacking” describes … Continued

Selling a House with Asbestos

Asbestos was once hailed as a “miracle mineral” because of its heat and flame-resistant properties and because it doesn’t electricity it makes great insulation. Homebuilders began using it in everything from cement to insulation and it was present in some form inside nearly every home and commercial building built before 1980. If you’re planning to … Continued